Data Analytics, Telecommunications, IoT and more

Our work

Data Analytics

We perform data analysis in a plethora of areas from telecommunications records to fleet GPS data, from IoT, health and financial data to data emerging from IP networks and energy grids. Our efforts successfully lead to better business intelligence, improved service quality, higher retention, less churn and lower business risks.

IoT & Industry 4.0

We help digitalising or digitalised companies as well as manufacturing companies aiming to thrive with Industrie 4.0 find the most suitable IoT solutions, analyse and optimise their IoT-enabled infrastructure via the use of predictive analytics and deploy predictive maintenance solutions.


With Enforma software, the organisations gain a further understanding of factors contributing to different forms of patient data, including but not limited to factors contributing to patient risk, susceptibility, treatment outcomes, and overall cost.


We help energy generation companies, energy distribution companies and energy efficiency firms with our data analytics tool to predict fraud, non-technical loss, outages and failures, as well as running streaming analytics to differentiate consumption patterns.


We help transportation, freight and fleet companies with multi-objective vehicle routing problem with cost and emission functions, leading to measurement and improvement in driving quality and petrol consumption under given constraints.


We help telcos predict the impacts of marketing, sales, customer and operation strategies based on: store location, handset promotion, customer segmentation, churn prevention, next-best offer and offer bundling plus many more additional variables.


We provide technical consultancy (e.g. for court cases), management consultancy (e.g. turn-around projects, productisation) and academic consultancy (R&D projects) for companies. We also assist them in their national and international R&D activities, provide supportive consultancy, and perform national and international representation on their behalf.